Intuitive Challenge #1

Think you might be psychic? Take this intuitive challenge and find out!

I believe we all have intuitive ability to one degree or another. This challenge will help you discover just how in or out of touch you are with your own psychic impulses.

It is also a great exercise to strengthen what abilities you might already have or to make you more confident in trusting your gut feelings or hunches.

Now just do it! - (you know you want to…….) Read More...

Spring 2015

I made a commitment in October to put more time, energy and care into this blog. I planted that seed and let it become winter-hardy during the dark season of Winter; not sure if it would germinate or not.

Well its Spring now, and apparently shit is growing! I think I had some profound revelations during the dormant period and now that they’ve sprouted, I am excited to share them with you. Read More...